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fast. chuck's up next with the daily rundown. take it away. >>> violence in libya. the u.s. ambassador and three others are killed as the consulate burns. in cairo, mobs tear down the u.s. flag. outrage over an obscure online video that is said to have denounced islam. the administration has embassies around the world in countries with large muslim populations on high alert. we're live in cairo. in a flash, though, this crisis turned political. on 9/11 no less. governor romney calls the u.s. response disgraceful, the obama campaign says they're shocked by his response. the mud slinging started before it was even kay break and before we knew how many u.s. officials had been killed. plus as president clinton stumps for president obama in florida, paul ryan releases new ads in his home state of wisconsin to keep his house seat. it's a busy day in political news, too. we'll try to cover it all. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, september 12th, this is the daily rundown. let's get to my first reads. a day that started with a campaign pause for sole almost remembrances on 9/11 en
the market has come roaring back s that recovery a sign of real health or just another lucky spin of the weechlt our deep dive today. >>> good morning from washington. this is daily rundown, i'm chuck todd. la shana tova. >>> protest continue dying down. if itten it is, could put the campaign on the offensive for the long-term and become a problem in the election. on sunday, in the third insider attack in as many days, afghan police turned their guns on u.s. and nato troops, killing four american soldiers who were called to assist an afghan police checkpoint. also over the weekend, u.s. ordered nonessential u.s. embassy staff to leave the sudan and tunesia, the site of some of the most violent protest. 50 marines were deployed to yemen to secure the compound n libya, an fbi investigation into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi under way. sunday, libyan and u.s. officials had two very different versions of what happened. >> the way these perpetrators acted and moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned. >> what happened in ben gghazi s a reaction to what
. demonstrations erupt near the u.s. embassy in yemen one day after the ambassador and three other americans were killed in libya. >>> a mob tried to overrun the embassy wall in cairo. an expanding foreign policy crisis for president obama. >>> meanwhile, on the political front, mitt romney stands by his criticism of the obama administration's handling of the volatile situation in the middle east. those same conservative voices who were knocking on monday are singing romney's praises now. >>> also this morning, former florida governor charlie crist says the gop left him, now he's moving left to help president obama get re-elected. account ex-gov gin up some love in the sunshine state? >>> good morning from washington. it is thursday, september 13, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. >>> we begin with another tumultuous day in the middle east. is president obama dealing with a full fledged foreign policy crisis? sure looks like it this morning. froefts in the arab world linked to an amateur film denouncing islam fueling the demonstrations. hundreds stormed the u.s. embassy grounds i
inspired by the video. protesters clash with police in front of the u.s. embassy before a protest called by the muslim brotherhood for after friday prayers. protesters threw stones and molotov cocktails. protests escalated in malaysia, bangladesh and sudan. in yemen, protesters clashed with police outside the u.s. embassy for the second straight day. protests have spread to at least 11 countries including pakistan, iran, and iraq. meanwhile in libya, authorities made four arrests after the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed four americans. the top libyan security physician said the attack was possibly aided by infiltrators who knew the route that consulate staff was trying to use to escape. now, two americans killed in the attack were identified thursday as two former navy s.e.a.l.s. tyrone woods of portland, oregon, former military veteran and father of two and glen doherty from massachusetts. back at home mitt romney made sulgs jobs on foreign policy. campaigning in battleground virginia, romney offered this message. >> american leadership, the middle east needs ameri
the larger point for americans to keep in mind are these run-away numbers behind me. this the u.s. debt clock. the governor said while he may have been able to describe his point more elegantly, paul ryan said he was inarticulate in making his point, the larger point is under this president they say more people are in poverty than have ever been in a generation. 1 out of every 7 families. more people are on food stamps an they believe they have an economic message that's going to reverse those misfortunes for a lot of americans. as far as virginia goes, this i believe -- this is the tenth visit that paul ryan will make to the commonwealth here in the five weeks since he's been tapped as mitt romney's running mate. it is clearly a state that they want to win. maybe perhaps even a state that they need to win. as you have been mentioning over the past four, five days since our latest polling came out about the polling numbers here in virginia, ohio an florida, governor romney trails in all three of those an perhaps the map for him to get to 270 must include 2 out of 3 of those states. maybe that
the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya as an act of terrorism. in an exclusive interview with nbc news and ann curry, claims were discounted the attack were in response to a video produced in california and available on youtube. >> would you call the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi an act of terrorism? >> i have no doubt about that. and it's a preplanned act of terrorism directed against american citizens. >> do you think the movie had anything to do with this attack on the consulate? >> not on this attack. not on this attack. it has nothing to do with this attack. >> and yesterday white house press secretary told reporters traveling on air force one, "it's the case that it's our view as an administration, the president's view, that it was a terrorist attack." it's the first explicit acknowledgement that the president believes the libyan attack was an act of terror. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking at the united nations on wednesday became the highest ranked official to publicly say there was a link between the attack and al qaeda. >> for some time al qaeda and othe
administration ovethsaul inya that killed the u.s. ambassador. was the white house reluctant to declare it a terrorist attack because it happened on a 9/11 anniversary and the politics of the momentight have swallowed them up? >>> pushback inpennsyania. ted. laws violate anyone's rights. may not matter if a judge decides that the new rules simply can't work in time. good morning from washington. it's thursday, septemb 27th, 12. this is "e day ruow thelsf matching manhattan moments and duelling buckeye banjos in ohio, mitt romney a president obama hit the same state for the third day in a row. today it's virginia. the president will speak at a rally at a virgin beach am amphitheater. as we told you yesterday, virginia is likely to be this year's florida or ohio. the state where returns will mostly resemble the national number. if you want to know how important virginia is to both mpaigns, look at where the e buygir ads. four of the top ten most saturated tv markets in the country this week are all in virginia. roanoke lynchburg market, and now washington d.c. which of course reaches into
and the 23 million americans who are struggling to find work. pir's plan control 12y5i9s million new jobs in four years, grows the economy and moves americans off of government dependency and into jobs." late night for the east coast, not so on the west coast, so little notice, there wasn't time for any news organization to take the event live. he said he was trying to offer donors his 50% plus one strategy. >> at a fundraiser, you have people saying, governor, how are you doing going to win this? i respond, well, the president has his group, i have my group, i want to keep my team strong and motivated and i want to get those people in the middle. that's something which fund-raising people who are parting with their moneys are very interested in knowing, can you win or not. that's what this is -- this was address. >> he did stand by his remarks, repeating these facts. >> as i point out, i recognize among those that pay no tax, approximately 47% of americans, i'm not likely to be highly successful with the message of lowering taxes, likeless wise, those reliant on government are not attrac
comes in the aftermath of the u.s. consulate ers.enhazi which kledour ihe president on libya, by the way, just one year ago. >> 42 years of tyranny was ended in six months, from tripoli to misrata and ben ghazi, today, libya is free. yestday,hede aew libya took their rightful place besides and this week, the united states is reopening our embassy in tripoli. >> that was one yr ago today. in his speech today, here is what we do know the president will say today, quote. we must aferm that our future will be determined by people like chris stevens. he recommit the united states to the values othe arab sprg ople ewh wgor s ,que, the freedom to detmine their destiny and we will see if he uses exactly that phrase. and also warn iran that although still time for diplomacy, te is not limited. make no mistakes a nucar armed cin and why a coalition of countries is holding the iran government accountable and why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon he uses the word -- the word containment. at's a b declaration the foat wo the remarks are directed no
haskell more than failed to take the bait. er oheri of his s always republican parties. we're going to have a lot of republicans helping us out in this race. >> of urse, that's going to be the more damaging ad is not akin's words, it's all theords of rubnstoued akin that will be running on ad after ad. let's taking a last. republicans, they need to pick up a net of four senate seats to get the majority assuming president gets re-election, three if mitt romn wins. here are tires chances in order, nebraska, montana, wisconsin, missouri, ohio, virginia, florida. >>e've gotten from republicans denitely favored to pick up seats and probably taking control of the senate t a coin on seond, ll, perhaps even a 25% chance that republicans fail to net even a single new seat. demg caratic spros expects have improv not just in missouri but in north dakota, massachusetts, and indiana. for the republicans there is good news on this list e, longer a slam dunk, folks. montana looking better tha it did. and there's connecticut. folks, that is aery real race, but i have to say i was shocked when we did our li
it 15 years ashgs the partisan wars of the late '90s and the man at the center of it, is now the democratic party's best spokesperson to the middle of the road voter. secretary clinton watched a recorded version of her husband's speech 9,930 miles away at the u.s. embassy in east timor. watch the speech on the ambassador's computer. according it an aide she was riveted. quote, it's possible she did not blink even once and then talked about it later to the press. >> my husband read parts of his speech to me over the last few days. i received the as prepared version, which i'm anxious when i can, to compare with the as delivered version. so it's -- it's a great honor for him to be nominating the president. >> it took us about seven minutes but i think we've gotten r rid of charlotte hornet. mitt romney is prepping for debates and now an exclusive interview with nbc's "meet the press" sunday morning, joining me now the man that will have mitt romney as a guest this sunday, moderator of "meet the press," david gregory. first of all, let's talk about bill clinton last night. >> ye
of the tape. president obama's redistribution comments from the ''90s. get more context and find out what was left out and why it matters. >>> the bowles-simpson plan falls flat. today we'll hear from the bipartisan duo who still hope that they can get this passed. >>> check this out. it has been 60 years since richard nixon's checker speech. 37th president probably had more of an effect on campaign tactics than any other modern politician in the 20th century. that speech in particular is still echoing in presidential politics today. good morning from washington. it's thursday, september 20th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i think we can say this is the last day of summer. let's get to my first reads of the morning. moderate mitt romney was back yesterday. at a univision in florida, he distanced himself from remarks recorded in may when he said he can't win 47% of americans who are "dependent on the government." >> this is a campaign about the 100%. my campaign is about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them. i have a record. i demonstrated my cast to help the 100%. >> if y
in the last 30 months but that's the most robust growth since the 1990s. so we have to keep on that scheme. training 2 million americans through our community colleges in conjunction with business for jobs that are unfilled now because people don't have the appropriate skills. that is a practical, ambitious but achievable goal. and he has a series of those that will move this country forward. what governor romney has is this tax plan that will either explode the defense fit or raise taxes on the middle class and he won't give us the specifics because he knows that. >> i want to move to libya. it seemed as if the white house db everybody else had -- everybody else had a version of the story and the white house was pushing back on it. very late yesterday the white house says, okay, it was a terrorist attack in benghazi. when you're this close to an election, you can't help but ask -- are you 100% confident politics had nothing to do with sort of what looks like from the outside the white house dragging its feet on the explanation? >> look, on the specifics i will leave it to the white house
. as you can see, the battle to control the u.s. senate in november for republicans is quite steep. >>> today the u.n. general assembly will hear from iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. it's his last time addressing the body before hitting his term limits. they're urging delegates to protest the speech and boycotts are outside. maria is live. every time we hear him rant, are we giving this guy attention. >> reporter: forgive me if i don't answer your question. we're having a few construction problems. ahmadinejad is expected to be 16 of 17 speakers. of course, as is often the case when he's here in new york, there will be large protests taking place outside the u.n. those are scheduled to take place at 11:00 a.m. and we skpeerkted to hear from high-profile speakers like rudy giuliani and mayor bloomberg. he's essentially a lame-duck president, finishing up the second of his two-four-year terms. now, just to get a little bit of insight into what we might here, president ahmadinejad gave a wide-ranging interview yesterday. one of the key issues here, of course, is iran's nuclear
know because i am still in touch with them, that's a great concern of theirs. >> and the next u.s. president has to deal with it, like mubarak all over. >> they're trapped between the mu has been ee movement, and the generation without jobs, saying wait a minute. other countries, people have more voice in government. always a pleasure. >>> preview of wall street in a minute. and big man democratic donors proving us right. they are ponying up with super pac dollars. >>> and senator jon kyl has his exit interview with us, part of our series with departing u.s. senators. >>> first, today's trivia question. name two republican members of congress who represent a different state than their fathers did. tweet the answer. @chucktodd. the answer coming up. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2
and the s&p 500 reached 1432, closing at its highest mark since 2008. and check out the numbers when compared to the depths of the rescission in 2009. those have doubled in value. the dow and s&p and risen more than 100%. becky quick is here with the market rundown. try to help me out here. the markets love this economy and yet, we're not creating any jo jobs. >> yeah, the jobs number today was a disappointment. it came in at just 96,000 and the expec expectations were 125. a lot of analysts raised their number, so this was a disappointment. if you looked at the unemployment rate, it dropped. some would look at this and say it was decent. the headline tomorrow, it dropped to 8.3%, but economists i talked to said it's hard to spin this as a positive number. that number came down because the labor participation came down substantially, too. $250,000 fewer people were looking for jobs. that brought the labor participation rate down and that's the lowest level we've seen in 31 years. now, this goes back to the same story we've seen that companies are doing well, for profits are there. bu
for the u.s. senate. they are as well known as each other. it's not like sort of -- somebody challenging and incumbe incumbent. it's almost like two incumbents. the lucky thing for tester, a member of congress running against him. about at popular as a toothache. >> you were doing, just spoke to democrats. you're going to sfepeak to iowa democrats. you have a glimmer what you might do? >> no, no. south carolina, they do grits. iowa, eating ham. >> what does new hampshire serve? >> well, maybe we're going to have some fish. maybe some kind of morning fish. >> lobster roll or something like that? are you not visiting other states? suddenly those are the breakfast invitations that seem enticing? >> neighbors in arizona and nevada. >> also primary states, i noticed. >> are you kidding me? >> in all seriousness, why do you believe you should be looking at winning national -- >> i don't believe that. i can tell you this. we've had seven consecutive years while i've been governor of the largest surpluses in history. cut more taxes for more montanans than any governor in history. invested more m
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uses today? tweet me. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." i love my '80s metal rock. >> announcer: "the daily rundown" is brought to you by choice hotels. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. >>> congress returns today. with the election less than two months away, they seem poi
in afghanistan, find out what the top u.s. commander has to say about that country's future. good morning. this is "the daily rundown". i'm chuck todd. we're just outside the education nation summit at the new york public library where msnbc news is playing host to leaders from around the country. this hour we're going to hear from the keynote speaker. but first. let's get to my first read of the morning. mitt romney will campaign more aggressively in battleground states this week than we've seen in a while. beginning today in colorado and then crisscrossing ohio on crucial bus tour. while the president tries everything he can do to let the united nations meeting come and go without making news. this is all a prelude to the first debate in denver. already both campaigns are doing their best to lower expectations. >> he's trying to prove things that i don't. he's president of the united states. very effective speaker. >> mitt romney has an advantage because he's been through 20 of these debates in the primaries over the last year. >> both candidates are in debate prep mode. the president p
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)